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About Us

Our two veterinarians, Deborah Anne Rue, D.V.M., practice owner, and Carol Mertens, D.V.M., associate veterinarian, have been in practice since 1982. These years of experience and this long term relationship provide for a continuity of treatment and a synergy of expertise.  

Our doctors have diagnosed and treated a myriad of conditions over the years. They maintain their knowledge base by frequently attending continuing education seminars and availing themselves of the latest techniques and treatments.  

Our doctors readily consult with a number of specialists in the bay area to ensure your pet receives the best possible care.  Should the need arise, referral to a specialist is facilitated and expedited without delay to ensure your pet's treatment is state-of-the-art. 

Our veterinarians are supported by a highly trained staff of technicians and assistants that show a love of animals in every task they perform.  Our staff works as a team to provide your pet with compassionate state-of-the-art care.  The technicians and assistants attend continuing education seminars to expand their knowledge and capabilities. 
Both of our doctors are members of the California Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Dr. Rue is also an active member of The Rotary Club of Fremont.

Our hospital is actively involved in mentoring both Carrington College students interested in the field of veterinary medicine. Our highly trained veterinary technicians teach these students the various aspects of veterinary care. 

We support many of the rescue organizations in the area and are proud of our work with the Nike Animal Rescue Foundation and the Ohlone Humane Society.  We offer complimentary examinations for all pets recently adopted from any animal shelter (within 2 weeks) to help owners identify any potential long term health problems. 

We feel client education is essential in providing quality care.  Therefore, we examine pets with the owners present. This enables owners to answer questions and to be involved in the process of evaluating the history and physical findings.  Once a diagnosis and treatment plan has been formulated, we thoroughly explain the situation to the owners because we feel the more they understand; the more they can be a part of the treatment and recovery process for their pet. 

Our doctors share a philosophy of providing quality preventative care that is tailored to  your pet's specific lifestyle and needs. For example, vaccinations provide a wonderful avenue to prevent disease but they must be used judiciously to stimulate the immune system for only what is necessary. Vaccinations may cause immune-mediated diseases 
especially when overused. 

There are a number of vaccines on the market that are appropriate for only a specific population of pets.  Hunting dogs and outdoor cats have a higher risk of exposure. There are also a number of vaccines on the market that have questionable value and efficacy.  Therefore, not all pets require all vaccines.  At Irvington Pet Hospital your pet's specific needs will be determined based upon their lifestyle and exposure rate and a vaccination protocol will then be tailored accordingly. 
Both of our skilled doctors have been performing general surgery for over 30 years. Routine spays and dog neuters are closed with a subcuticular suture pattern which means dissolving sutures are placed under the skin where they cannot be chewed out. The subcuticular suture pattern generally alleviates the need for Elizabethan collars and post-op antibiotics, thus saving the clients the cost of those items.  The hospital has readily available board certified surgeons to perform more complicated soft tissue and orthopedic procedures.