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DHPP Vaccine #1

Fecal Test #1

Giardia Test

Deworm #1

DHPP Vaccine #2

Deworm #2

DHPP Vaccine #3

Deworm #3

Bordetella Vaccine

DHPP Vaccine #4

Rabies Vaccine

Fecal Test #2


This package is for a city puppy approximately 7 weeks of age.  If your puppy is older or has had some vaccines, we will tailor the package to your puppy’s specific needs.  If your puppy will be going hiking or to the mountains, there are other vaccines that are recommended for their protection.  The microchip is optional, although highly recommended.

This package offers a 15% discount over what these services would cost separately.  It is non-refundable and non-transferable.  The total package must be paid in full at the time of the first office visit.

This package is a “well” package.  If your puppy becomes ill or injured, treatment costs are not included in the package.  It does not include the cost of spay or neuter.

Please contact our office for the current price of the puppy package.

(510) 657-4060